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  • What are TEACHERS saying about Echoes and Reflections?
    What are TEACHERS saying about Echoes and Reflections?( Hide This Answer )

    “I am a more effective teacher through my experience teaching Echoes and Reflections.”
    Joe Sicilian
    High School History Teacher
    Staten Island, New York

    “It has something we all wish for in our classrooms — terrific guest speakers who are available every day, and who always fit perfectly into our time schedules. The oral testimony portion of Echoes and Reflections is superb. Nothing will help your students understand more about what they are studying than the eyewitness accounts of these survivors.”
    -Mary Jo Sandomir
    Department Chair, Theology and Religious Studies
    Chandler, Arizona

    “It is imperative that we as educators who teach the Holocaust are properly educated ourselves and have the appropriate tools and materials to successfully educate our students. Echoes and Reflections provided me with all of that and so much more. It incorporates the factual and historical information while extracting the important moral lessons, themes, and messages that the Holocaust teaches us today.”
    Diana Wheeler
    High School Social Studies Teacher
    Cape Henlopen, Delaware

  • What are PROFESSORS OF EDUCATION saying about Echoes and Reflections?
    What are PROFESSORS OF EDUCATION saying about Echoes and Reflections? ( Hide This Answer )

    “My students in literature methods have begun looking at lesson planning. Their lesson yesterday had them develop a format for writing up the lessons they will be developing over the course of the semester. As part of their group work, each group got a unit from Echoes and “unpacked it” into its component parts. I have to tell you, they love how the units were put together. For four weeks they have been reading theories of what makes for good lessons, so they KNOW what a good lesson requires.”
    Dr. Jeraldine Kraver, Professor of English
    University of Northern Colorado

    “I am an English educator and for the past several years I have used Echoes and Reflections with the preservice teachers I teach. Almost every middle or high school English teacher will eventually find herself teaching at least one work of fiction or nonfiction about the Holocaust. It is essential that teachers who teach these works have adequate and accurate background knowledge about the Holocaust so that they feel competent and confident in their ability to teach this content…Echoes and Reflections is rich in resources, including the visual testimony of Holocaust survivors. I especially appreciate the inclusion of visual texts, poetry, and the diaries of adolescents.”
    Liz Spalding, Professor of English Education
    University of Nevada, Las Vegas

    “Pedagogically, I feel that the Echoes and Reflections curriculum has set a marvelous stage for teaching to a wide audience, and though it was designed for high school students, I am confident that I will be able to take large portions of it as content for the students in my classes and take the program in its entirety as an example of engaged pedagogy and how to effectively teach the Holocaust.”
    Heather Hackman, Professor of Multicultural Education
    St. Cloud State University
    St. Cloud, Minnesota

  • What are PRESERVICE TEACHERS saying about Echoes and Reflections?
    What are PRESERVICE TEACHERS saying about Echoes and Reflections? ( Hide This Answer )

    "Without a doubt, Echoes and Reflections is an innovative, unprecedented, technology-infused, multi-disciplinary Holocaust curriculum that challenges students to think broadly, draw conclusions carefully, and act responsibly when faced with discriminatory practices, prejudice, and hatred in their daily lives."
    Emily Young, Lehigh University Doctoral Candidate
    Learning Sciences and Technology
    Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

    “The Echoes and Reflections curriculum allows students to engage with the lives of those who survived the Holocaust on a very personal level. Rather than memorizing places and dates, students listen to people talking about how they lived. This is important because it gives students an opportunity to experience history in a very "real" way. People's lives become part of the classroom experience and students are encouraged to think about those people in order to augment their understanding of events.”
    Rebecca Stein, Syracuse University Preservice Teacher
    Syracuse, New York


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Web site and downloads are excellent. Your suggestion and activities that initiate student involvement are priceless. Thank you so much!

Mt. Juliet, Tennessee middle school teacher

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