Evaluation Efforts

In an effort to continually measure the efficacy and impact of Echoes and Reflections and to improve both the multimedia materials and the training programs, a variety of formative and summative evaluation activities have been ongoing since 2005:

  • Workshop participants complete evaluations at all training programs in order for Echoes and Reflections staff to gauge teacher satisfaction with various aspects of the program. A sample of 10,285 evaluations representing 446 programs across the United States since 2005 reveals the following:

    • 94% rate the facilitation of the workshops “very good” or “excellent”
    • 99% rate the curriculum “very good” or “excellent”
    • 98% rate the video clips “very good” or “excellent”
    • 96% rate the overall workshop experience “very good” or “excellent”

  • Goodman Research Group, Inc. (GRG) collected and analyzed data from eleven separate evaluation activities, including a classroom study conducted in spring 2007. As indicated through pre– and post–survey instruments, after using Echoes and Reflections, student attitudes reflected a better appreciation for the importance of studying the Holocaust, its relevance to their own lives, and the need to act against stereotyping and racism. Additional conclusions are outlined in the Executive Summary.
  • Over the 2008–2009 school year, Erik H. Cohen Research and Evaluation Group collected data from teachers and students in public, private, and parochial schools in twelve states to determine prior knowledge; interest and attitudes regarding the Holocaust; and student rating of Echoes and Reflections through the use of pre– and post–survey instruments. The surveys, completed in their entirety by over 600 students, were also analyzed in terms of such factors as age/grade level and gender. Key findings from this study are outlined in the Student Evaluation 2008–2009 Executive Summary
  • As part of a Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany grant, Erik H. Cohen Research and Evaluation Group assessed the attitudes of students in two locations – Idaho and Tennessee – toward the study of the Holocaust before and after engaging in Echoes and Reflections instruction. The grant, which allowed Echoes and Reflections to extend its reach to underserved areas of the United States during the 2008–2009 school year, also provided an opportunity for teachers, students, and community members to meet with Holocaust survivors and an expert on Holocaust denial. The Claims Conference Evaluation includes an overview of the evaluation, analysis of the data, and conclusions.
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Yesterday was incredible. I now have so much new and wonderful material to work with, but for me, the DVD is the best because for me, there is nothing to beat the genuine heartfelt, survivor testimony. Reading is all very well, but hearing the words of these unique individuals is beyond value. After 23 years of teaching the subject, you made me excited about teaching more with different lesson plans.

Palo Alto, California Jewish day school teacher

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